Selasa, 15 Desember 2015

597 Business Letters Library

This Blog contains over 597 different letters and forms for business which you can view, save and edit. The titles of all these documents are displayed in a scrollable list seen in the Letter Library menu. You can use the slider bar at the right side of the scrollable letter selection menu to move the list of document titles up or down. You can also Search for a specific type of letter or form by entering a keyword describing the document into the search box. After you enter a keyword, press search to start the search. To view any letter, move your mouse over the document name, and click to select it. The document will be displayed in the Letter View window. Using the 597 Business Letter Library Program is quite simple. Here's how. Enter a keyword or phrase in the search box, which describes the letter or legal document you wish to view. Press the Search button. The list of matching letters or legal documents will be shown in the Letter Library window. From the list, click on the name of the letter you wish to view. The letter will be shown in the 'Letter View' window. To copy the letter for editing or use in your word processing program, highlight the contents of the letter (hold shift key and drag mouse over letter), and then copy (press 'ctrl' and 'c' keys). To paste the letter into your word processing program, open a new document, and paste (press 'ctrl' and 'v' keys). To see these instructions, press the 'Help' button at any time.

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